Our Services

    • Urban and Domestic Wastewater Treatment
    • Metal finishing, Textile, Livestock, and other Industries Wastewater Treatment
    • EPC Plants for small Industries or, Domestic wastes
    • CDI and EDI Technologies
    • Gray Water Treatment and Recycling
    • RO Water and Wastewater Purification
    • Designing Wastewater Network
    • swimming pools, fish farm ponds, and water storage tanks
    • Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment facilities such as: Pre-treatment packages Pressure filters Water softening manual and automatic screener Sludge processing system

About Us

Peyvand Ab Sepahan, a well-known company in water and wastewater management, was established in 2007. This company has accomplished several successful projects in industrial wastewater treatment such as food industries, livestock industry, textile and dyeing industry, and urban and hospital sewage treatment. Moreover, this company manufactures high-quality wastewater treatment facilities such as Screeners, Pressure Filters, Sludge Dewatering system, Scrapers, Metal and Polyethylene Basins, and Gray wastewater treatment equipment. Peyvand Ab Sepahan utilizes up-to-date and pioneer wastewater technologies and advanced applications to treat wa1stewaters into the standard COD and BOD, to achieve the highest treated wastewater quality. Of course, all that mentioned above could not be accomplished without the aid of our expert, knowledgeable personnel and engineers.